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~ Neat Recipes ~

Christmas Bark

Red and Green Crunch - 8oz (8oz - 8-618 / 30lb - 8-628)
White Compound Coating -2 lbs

Melt coating and stir. Mix in crunch and stir well, making sure all crunch pieces are coated well. Spread out on cookie sheet, let set up. Break apart into bite-size pieces and enjoy. Looks beautiful in a clear bag with curling ribbon or bows on twisties.

Also try using red and white candy cane grind (10lb - 8-681) with dark compound coating. Sprinkle some on top (after spreading in the cookie sheet) for extra pizazz.

Drizzled Popcorn

Clasen Marshmallow coating (1lb - 88-554 / 25lb - 88-553)
Popped popcorn (light butter)
Liquid candy color (optional)

Melt coating. Add liquid candy color for added color. Drizzle over popcorn. Let set and put in polypropylene bag. Add curling ribbon or bow on twistie.

Try Clasen Sea Salt Caramel coating (1lb - 88-552 / 25lb - 88-551) or add nuts or caramel.

Ice Cream Coating

75% Chocolate or Confectionery Coating of your Choice
25% Coconut Oil (76 Degree) (8-161/8-162/8-163)
Sub Soybean or Canola Oil for Confectionery Coating
Flavor To Taste (Optional) Lorann Oils & Flavors Recommended

Melt Chocolate or Confectionery Coatings Thoroughly (95-100° F)
Add Oil
Add Flavor As Desired

Add an Ice Cream Dipper to your inventory so you can have multiple flavors ready.

Peter's Caramel Apples

Peter's Caramel Loaf - 5lb (4-475)
White Compound Coating - 1 lb

Melt caramel and coating together. Stir until blended completely.

This allows you to handle the caramel without it being sticky - great for kids, won't burn them!
You can:

Wrap caramel apples.
Roll out into a sheet to place between layers of brownie batter for yummy, chewy brownies.
Wrap around pretzel rods then dip in chocolate and add sprinkles or nuts.
Make small patties and add nuts to make turtles.

Snowman Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods (13.5lb - 8-169)
White Compound Coating
Icing Eyes
Black Top Hats (plastic) - not for children under 3yrs of age - CHOKING HAZARD (30-103)
Red Heart Quins (optional) (5lb - 12-570)

Melt coating and dip pretzel rod. Place top hat, icing eyes and heart quins (buttons) while still wet. Let dry and place in polypropylene bag with currling ribbon or bow on twistie.

Use your imagaination for other variations. Mrs. Snowman...icing flower on side of head instead of hat. Red hots for buttons. Mr and Mrs Snowman in a bag together.